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Amos Harper Amos Harper
Amos Harper

Amos Harper was born in West Tennessee, north of Memphis. After completing high school, he turned down a four-year scholarship to Knoxville College and joins the United States Air Force. While station in England he displayed his first works on Baywaters Road near Hyde Park in Central London. Although he had early success this did not excite him enough to taking his talent seriously. During the years from 1967-1970, he traveled throughout Europe. It was later in life after he had purchased his first home in 1978 that he realized his talents were worth pursuing. As fast as he could paint pieces of work for his home his friends and neighbors would buy them. In 1985, he decided to become a professional artist based on his home sales and his success on Baywaters Road. I knew absolutely nothing about the Art World, but I recalled something I had heard in a speech given by Dr. Mayes while attending a college prep course at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. In a motivational speech to young students he said “You will only be limited by your own lack of desire and you may be whatever you so choose to be plant the seed in your subconscious mind and allow your conscious mind to feed it and all will know you for what you have chosen to be, except you for you will continue to grow achieve that dream your heightened interest, your desire to learn will change from WANT TO BE to I AM, and at that level the subconscious works the conscious overtime”. With this advice, I planted the seed and my conscious mind showed me things I had never noticed. It lead me to art stores, pointed out galleries, made me pay attention to art books in the most unlikely of places. The subconscious seed was feeding off the conscious mind at such a rate it frightened me. Displaying my work was not my top priority; my first priority was to set a goal. I have participated in shows held at St.Elmos Village, Los Angeles, and Quanneka Art Gallery in West Covina. I decided to make watercolor my medium of choice because it gave me the most challenge of all mediums. It had the larger advantage for a small studio, in that it dries fast. Beautiful paintings can be created with watercolor, but you must demonstrate some mastery of the medium because it is a medium with little or no forgiveness. Oil is my second choice however in a small studio, oil can be messy.
You can view works of art at http://Jazzzone.net

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